We are dedicated to making sure you're prepared for any emergency. Our team has experience in writing and updating emergency plans. We will prepare and coordinate exercises that are designed to fit your needs.



Advanced Planning Consultants, LLC. has been established as a collaborative partnership of public safety professionals to offer a variety of preparedness services. APC staff consists of individuals that have vast experience in emergency preparedness planning that includes developing and revising plans as well as developing and conducting standard and complex exercises.



Our goal is to offer a variety of preparedness services to ensure the continued strengthening of local community's resiliency to disasters.



Advanced Planning Consultants is available to serve a variety of public and private entities that includes:

  • Local/Regional/State Governments

  • Emergency Management

  • Fire Rescue

  • HazMat

  • Law Enforcement

  • Public Health

  • Hospitals/Healthcare

  • Schools

  • Public Works/Utilities

  • Airports

  • Sea Ports

  • Train/Rail

  • Non-Profits

  • Private Sector/Business

  • Mass Care

  • Animal Services

  • Communications



  • Planning

    • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans

    • Local Mitigation Strategies

    • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)

    • Post Disaster Redevelopment Plans

    • Floodplain Management Plans

    • Community Rating System Planning

    • Threat Hazards Identification Risk Assessment Planning

    • Community Specific Hazard/Vulnerability Analysis

    • Incident Action Planning

    • Debris Management Planning

    • Hazard Specific Planning

      • Natural – Winds (Hurricane, Tornado); Flooding; Wildfires; Etc

      • Technological

      • Human-Caused

    • Position Specific Planning

      • Public Information

      • Logistical

      • Communications

  • Standard/Complex Exercise Planning

    • Drills; Seminars; Workshops

    • Tabletop Exercises; Functional Exercises; Full-Scale Exercises

    • Hazard Specific Exercises

      • Natural – Winds (Hurricane, Tornado); Flooding; Wildfires; Etc

      • Technological

      • Human-Caused - Airplane; Rail; Terrorism; Pandemic; Etc

    • Scenario/Position Specific Exercises

      • Public Information

      • Emergency Operations Center

      • Emergency Support Function

      • Health/Hospital/Medical Surge

      • Continuity of Operations (COOP)​

  • Specialized Services

    • Modified HSEEP Process

    • Hazard/Vulnerability Analysis

    • Technological Advances

    • Continuity of Operations

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