2015 Projects

These are some of the exercises and plans APC has completed in 2015:
Prepare Port Orange Hurricane Tabletop Exercise


In November of 2015 APC, in consultation with Volusia County, conducted a tabletop exercise for the City of Port Orange. This exercise allowed all agencies/departments of Port Orange to collaborate and coordinate to identify how the city would respond to a hurricane. The discussion based TTX consisted of 3 modules that included:

  • Pre-Incident Decision Making and Alert/Notification

  • Incident Response

  • Recovery/Continued Operations

2015 USAR Mobex 


The 2015 Mobex is a Full-Scale Exercise (FSE) that allowed Florida Taskforce 4 to implement the FL-TF4 Mobilization Plan in response to a tornado incident scenario involving a multi-story heavy masonry building search and rescue, surface water rescue, and MVA vehicle extraction.


APC staff was tasked with the creation of the scenario, aquisition and organization of resources, and evaluation of the exercise.


The exercise was a multi-agency collaboration which took place over a 2-day period in Lakeland, FL on October 6th and 7th.


Southwest Florida LEPC District IX Commodity Flow Study


In July of 2015 APC was contacted to conduct a Commodity Flow Study for LEPC District IX. This study consisted of a placard survey of the highways and major roads on twelve corridors within the 6-county district.


View the Report

Osceola County Tornado Workshop/TTX


In December of 2015 APC and RLKing Training, in consultation with Oscoela County, conducted a tornado Workshop/TTX that was broken up into 3 educational components:


  • National Weather Service Presentation: The Anatomy of Tornadoes and Upcoming Forecast

  • Osceola County Presentation: Tornado Timeline

  • Tabletop Exercise: Allowed Osceola County public safety agencies to discuss current response and recovery protocols, plans, and procedures regarding a tornado event

Monroe County Loss of Water Supply Plan and Functional Exercise


During the fall of 2015 APC, in consultation with Monroe County Emergency Management (MCEM), established the Loss of Water Supply Response and Recovery Coordination Plan to effectively organize and direct actions during a prolonged water loss event.


Once finalized, staff executed a Functional Exercise to allow public safety agencies to test the newly developed plan.




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