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Southwest Florida LEPC

2017 Projects

These are some of the exercises and plans APC has completed in 2017:

SWF LEPC Rural HazMat Response SOP/SOG

Southwest Florida LEPC - Rural HazMat Response SOPs/SOGs


From March 2017 until September 2017 APC worked in consultation with Southwest Florida LEPC members  to develop rural HazMat response Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to include the following:

  • Local, regional, and state fire resources to assist in response to remote parts of Southwest Florida

  • Available firefighting apparatus and materials needed to support HazMat response

  • Estimated time to respond to the most remote locations

  • Hazmat asset coverage if responding to an incident in a remote areas

Miami-Dade 2017 EOC Hurricane Functional Exercise


In May of 2017, APC served as Controllers/Evaluators for Blue Skies Professional Services to conduct an EOC Functional Hurricane Exercise that primarily focused on the following capabilities:

  • Operational Coordination

  • Operational Communication

  • Public Information and Warning


Hurricane Coleman


Hurricane Coleman

Active Assailant Template_Draft_v1

Orange County Public Schools Active Assailant

Active Assailant Template_Draft_v1a

Exercise Objectives

Evacuation (Bomb Threat) Template_Draft_v1

School Emergency Response Team Roles

Orange County Public Schools - Online Exercises/Presentations


In July of 2017, APC in consultation with the Orange County Public Schools developed a series of tabletop exercises and online training courses to provide school administrators with a school safety learning platform. Exercises/Trainings included: 

  • Active Assailant

  • Evacuation (Bomb Threat)

  • Evacuation (Chemical Spill)

  • Intruder or Kidnapping

  • SIP (Sever Weather)

  • Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

  • Emergency Procedures Training

  • School Emergency Response Team

Miami-Dade EOC EX
OCPS Presentation/EX
CE Handbook 2017_Hospital_Final_Page_1

Strategic National Stockpile Exercise




Mass Dispensing


Mass Dispensing

Osceola County Strategic National Stockpile Exercise - Stockpile of the Sick and Contagious


On May 19, 2017, APC in consultation with the Florida Department of Health in Osceola County executed a Strategic National Stockpile Full-Scale Exercise to test current plans and protocols regarding the coordination and distribution of prophylaxis to critical facilities. Evaluated capabilities included the following:

  • Public Health and Medical Services

  • Community Preparedness

  • Medical Countermeasure Dispensing

  • Infrastructure Protection

  • Operational Communications

Martin Logistics

Florida Department of Health - Martin County

Martin County Health Department - Logistics


In May of 2017, APC provided logistics services to the Florida Department of Health in Martin County. Logistics activities included:

  • Provided logistical support through the development of a physical inventory of goods at the DOH warehouse and storage facilities.

  • The final inventory was inputted into a detailed spreadsheet as approved by the DOH in Martin County.

OCPS Exercise Presentation Updated

Region 7 Exercise - Monroe County


Maps and Meeples (Resources)


Resource Allocation




Hurricane Maps


Mr. Meeples!

Orange County Public Schools - Annual District TTX


On July 26, 2017, APC in consultation with Orange County Public Schools executed the Annual District Tabletop Exercise to test current plans, procedures and protocols regarding response to various campus/facility threats. Evaluated capabilities included the following:

  • Planning

  • Situational Assessment

  • Operational Coordination

  • Operational Communications

  • On-Scene Security and Protection

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