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2020 Projects

These are some of the exercises and plans APC has completed in 2020:
Seminole Tribe Commodity Flow Study - Fi
Seminole Tribe of Florida Hazardous Materials
Commodity Flow Study


In the Winter of 2019/2020, we performed a commodity flow study to examine the movement of hazardous materials on the highways and major roads that transverse the Seminole Tribe of Florida locations. The study utilized trained spotters to gather information at specific locations within the corridors throughout a 16-week period. Each of the eight Tribe corridors were separately analyzed and reviewed. Additional information was reviewed and compared utilizing existing data related to railway, waterway, airway, pipeline and hazardous material facilities.

Brevard County Shelter Worker Training Course, Shelter Plan SOP, and Shelter Support Team Staff Update/Verification


In the Summer/Fall of 2020, APC contracted with Brevard County Emergency Management to identify and confirm Brevard Emergency Support Team (BEST) shelter team staff, develop and document detailed sheltering plans for each County facility, develop and update the existing shelter cot distribution plan, and develop an online Shelter Worker Training Course.

Brevard County Shelter Worker Training Course
Brevard County Shelter Worker Training Course - Quiz
Brevard County Shelter Worker Training Course - Video
Brevard County Shelter Worker Training Course - Certificate
County LMS Updates 


In the Summer of 2020, APC worked with Escambia County and Lake County to update their Local Mitigation Strategy plans including working with the Counties and State through the approval and adoption processes.

Orange County Strategic Response to COVID-19
Pages from Orange County Strategic Respo
Pages from Orange County Strategic Respo
OC Strategic Response Part I
Orange County Strategic Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


In the Summer/Fall of 2020, APC in assisted Orange County Emergency Management in the creation of a historical document outlining the County's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This included interviewing all County department directors and Mayor Demings about the actions Orange County took to respond to the Pandemic. 

Beginning in 2021, we continued to document the vaccination response by the County that will be included as a follow-up to the historical document.

Orange County After-Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan (IP) for Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19


In the summer of 2020, APC in consultation with RLKing Training and APTIM, conducted an AAR and Improvement plan for the County's response to both Hurricane Dorian and the first phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Dorian Draft
Orange County Dorian AAR_2019-05-27_Fina
Orange County COVID19 AAR II_12.30
THIRA Presentation 2020

THIRA Outcomes


Capability Targets


Addressing Capabilities and Gaps

Orlando/Orange UASI - THIRA/SPR


In the fall/winter of 2020, APC in consultation with the Orlando/Orange UASI reviewed the 2019 Orlando/Orange UASI THIRA/SPR. The 2020 THIRA review and update of the Response and Recovery Core Capabilities and identifying the gaps within the Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation Core Capabilities.

  • The THIRA is a three-step process; (1) Identify threats and hazards of concern, (2) Give context to the threats and hazards; and (3) Establish capability targets.

  • The SPR is also a 3-step process; (1) Assess capabilities, (2) Identify capability gaps and build strategies to address them, (3) Report grant contribution.

Orange County Public Schools COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures Guide


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, APC assisted OCPS with the creation of a Health and Safety Procedures Guide for to assist school and administrative sites in navigating health and safety considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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